About Us...

We  are a family  run business and  we  have  a love of all things Vintage, Vintage Inspired, Retro, Handmade and Up-cycled..


Find it all under one roof at Something Truly Vintage showroom...

* Furniture

* Lighting 

* Clothing 

* Decor 

& Jewellery

We  enjoy sourcing the best items & telling their vintage stories within the showroom, as well as  keeping items as original as we can, while still meeting retail guidelines.


Therefore like all aged items, related marks & usage is sometimes evident...



Party Props

& Events 

We want "YOU"  to enjoy all of our items of yesteryear and celebrate these items and use them in your home or office or even if you need to rent something for  a film/photo shoot or party...just let us know!


As we gradually get back to  our normal day to day life,  we would love you to come along and see us at one of our "Pop Up" vintage/40s experiences.

We stock items like:



* Vintage Accessories 



*Gas masks 


*Vintage Clothing 


*40s homewares 


Ask Us about our events

at the front desk or drop us an email!